Monica Bishop

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Before starting Monican Marketing, Monica was the Director of Marketing for an automotive dealership group handling marketing for five car dealerships at the same time.

In that work, she constantly juggled marketing campaigns and priorities, working with a seven-figure budget to help each of her dealerships succeed.

When a dealership had a marketing idea she’d pause and say—I know how we can do that. And out of her focus on listening and finding ways to implement people’s visions, she got a new nickname.

The nickname was Monican.

To explain the name, her colleagues told her that where former marketing directors had always thrown up roadblocks and objections to their ideas, she found ways to make them a reality.

This is how Monica sees the work she does at Monican Marketing today. That is, we’re here to support your vision.

Monica Bishop
Monican Marketing is a marketing agency that’s more of a business partner than an advertising agency. We’re in your corner, helping you plan, troubleshoot, and budget around your specific needs in order to meet your specific goals.

We have decades of experience helping businesses grow and thrive, from large companies to mom and pop operations. When you work with us, you work with people who are invested in your priorities.

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